Bio Vervain Orange Infusion | Bio Verbena Laranja

Organic herbal blend, from Thailand, with verbena, lemongrass, apple, mulberry leaves

4,35 €

Chamomile Infusion | Camomila

Chamomile Flower, exclusive to European farming areas, from Croatia. It has several b

4,60 €

Fennel Infusion | Funcho

Fennel seeds, sourced in Europe, also known as fennel. It has medicinal properties su

3,55 €

Ginger Infusion | Gengibre

Ginger is one of the best known herbs and spices. It has properties that help our hea

3,85 €

Ginger Lemon Infusion | Gengibre-limão

Herbal blend with petals of peppermint, lemongrass, lemon, liquorice root and ginger.

4,25 €

Green Mate Infusion | Mate Verde

Green Mate, from Argentina, is an herb with caffeine and of a dull and mentholated fl

3,90 €

Hibiscus Infusion | Hibiscos

Hibiscus flower, from Nigeria, has a large amount of acidconcentration of the fruits.

4,25 €

Jasmine Flower Infusion | Jasmim

Jasmine Flower, from Europe. Results in an infusion with benefits such as: anti-infla

7,25 €

Lapacho Infusion | Pau de Arco Lapacho

The Lapacho herb comes from Brazil and South America, in a tree that grows up to 35 m

3,90 €

Lemon Balm Infusion | Cidreira

Lemon Balm, from in Europe, is a medicinal plant. An herb with numerous health benefi

4,60 €

Lemongrass Infusion | Caninha

Lemongrass from Thailand, characterized by the smooth and delicate lemon flavor. An i

3,85 €

Lime Tree Infusion | Tília

Lime tree blossoms, born in Europe, is a medicinal plant belonging to the malvaceae f

4,60 €

Morning Star Infusion | Estrela da Manhã

Herbal blend with peppermint, lemongrass and hibiscus. An infusion of mentholated fla

4,25 €

Nana Mint Infusion | Menta Nana

The mint nana, from Egypt, is an infusion with numerous medicinal properties, among t

4,25 €

Night Tea Infusion | Chá da Noite

Herbal blend with rooibos, cumin, anise, fennel, lemon balm and sunflower flower peta

3,95 €

Romantic Fantasy Infusion | Fantasia Romântica

Herbal blend with green rooibos, apple, raspberry leaves, peach, vervain, passion fru

4,35 €

Stevia Infusion | Stévia

Stevia is a powerful natural sweetener, which contains few calories; Makes it difficu

3,95 €

Sunset Infusion | Pôr do Sol

Herbal blend with hibiscus, rosehip peels, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, peppermint, l

4,35 €