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Fennel seeds, sourced in Europe. It has medicinal properties such as: Relieves menstrual and intestinal cramps; decreases appetite and helps to lose weight; relieves digestive disorders; fights bronchitis and flu by releasing phlegm; relieves vomiting; combats sore throat and laryngitis; detoxifies the liver and spleen; combats urinary infections; combating diarrhea; eliminates intestinal vermes.

In cases of pregnancy or initial period of motherhood, increases the milk production in the mother and fights colic in newborns. It is an infusion with sweet and floral flavour. 

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Origin: Europe

Category: Infusion

Subcategory: Herbs

Type: Pure

Ingredients: Fennel

Flavour: Sweet and floral

Caffeine: No

Colour: Pale yellow



Grs per Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 100º C

Infusion Time: 5 min



Helps to prevent gas and diarrhea

Helps with diabetes, sore throats and eye washes

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