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Lemongrass from Thailand, characterized by the smooth and delicate lemon flavour. An infusion of refreshing and pleasant taste, which makes it an increasingly popular drink. It provides benefits such as: Attenuation of tummy aches, Soothing effect, helping you sleep; Sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic and antifungal action. laxative effect; Contributes to the improvement of rheumatism; It helps in the digestive process; Protects the heart; Purifies and detoxifies; Fights against cancer; Reduces joint pain; Reduces dandruff; Reduces body odor; Keeps the skin healthy. 

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Origin: Thailand

Category: Infusion

Subcategory: Herbs

Type: Pure

Ingredients: Lemongrass

Flavour: Refreshing

Caffeine: No

Colour: Very pale yellow



Grs per Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 100º C

Infusion Time: 5 min



Laxative effect

Help in digestive system problems

Contributes to the improvement of rheumatism

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