1419 TEA®

1419 Tea contains organic fruits and aromatic herbs from Madeira island. Tea produced on the island of Madeira because it has its own production. We are thus a pioneering project in the production and marketing of Madeira tea.

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Sunrise 1419®

Ginkgo is one of the oldest living trees and it has been used in traditional chinese

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/sunset https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/sunset

Sunset 1419®

The infusion with lemon balm of Madeira Island has a pleasant honey and lemon flavour

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/mintea https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/mintea

Mintea 1419®

Spearmint and peppermint are aromatic plants that grow naturally in Madeira Island. T

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/macela https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/macela

Macela 1419®

Chamomile is a well know medicinal plant around the world. It’s used in cosmetic and

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/ocean https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/ocean

Ocean 1419®

The sweetness of organic banana and the citrus flavour of organic lemongrass from Mad

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/atlantic https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/atlantic

Atlantic 1419®

Blend of organic rooibos (redbush) and herbs, namely, lemongrass and lemon vervain fr

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/banana https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/banana

Banana 1419®

Organic Rooibos, redbush from South Africa, contains a complex and abundant blend of

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/laurissilva https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/laurissilva

Laurissilva 1419®

Madeira’s Camellia Sinensis grows in a volcanic soil surrounded by the Laurissilva Fo

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/tropical https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/tropical

Tropical 1419®

Madeira’s Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) grows in a volcanic soil surrounded by the La

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/tanggrey https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/tanggrey

Tanggrey 1419®

Black tea, Broken leaf, from Ceylon naturally flavoured with bergamot oil. This is a

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/lava https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/lava

Lava 1419®

Red berries natural colour takes you to the volcanic origin and lava of the island. M

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Novidade https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/vulcao https://www.teahousemadeira.com/product/vulcao

Vulcão 1419®

Black tea from Azores-Portugal with Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) that grows in Madei

6,20 €