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Ginger is one of the best known herbs and spices. It has properties that help our health, such as: Prevention of flu and colds; Relieves rheumatism pains; Strengthens the heart and prevents cancer; Helps the entire intestinal system; Anti-inflammatory; Anticoagulant; Antioxidant and bactericide; Helps in nausea, vomiting, headache, breathing problems, diarrhea, stomach pain and nervous system diseases; Increases fertility; Helps prevent clots from forming; It helps in the prolaxia of nausea and vomiting of kinetosis (travel sickness), and also helps in microcirculation problems (e.g. problems of chilblains).

Its roots produce the unique flavour, highly aromatic and sweet-spicy. 

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Origin: Europe

Category: Infusion

Subcategory: Herbs

Type: Pure

Ingredients: Ginger

Flavour: Sweet-spicy

Caffeine: No

Colour: Soft yellow



Grs per Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 100º C

Infusion Time: 5 min



Prevention of colds and flu

Relieves rheumatic pains

Strengthens the heart and prevents cancer

Helps the entire intestinal and nervous system

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