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Hibiscus flower, from Nigeria, has a large amount of acidconcentration of the fruits. It has properties such as: Regulates the digestive tract; Stimulates the intestinal tract; Prevents fluid retention and burns fats (weight loss), reduce bloating, control cholesterol; diuretic; lower blood pressure and protect kidney and liver functions; Prevention of Diabetes, Cancer and Metabolic Syndrome; Reduces tension; Improves bowel function; Antioxidant; Decreases menstrual cramps; Soothes the nervous system and reduce stress; Improves digestion; Fights fungal and bacterial infections; Strengthens the immune system; Improves brain function (increases memory and concentration); Results in a refreshing infusion to be hot or cold drink. It's red in color.

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Origin: Nigeria

Category: Infusion

SubCategory: Herbs

Type: Pure

Ingredients: Hibiscus

Flavor: Refreshing.

Caffeine: No



Grs by Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 100º C

Infusion Time: 5 min



Regulates the digestive system

Stimulates the intestinal tract

Prevents fluid retention and burns fats

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