Pai-Mu-Tan White Tea | Chá Branco Pai-Mu-Tan

White tea, Pai-Mu-Tan type, from plants of Camellia sinensis var assamica, resulting

8,70 €

China Yellow Tea | Chá Amarelo China Yellow

Yellow tea, from the Hunan region of China. This tea received its name due to the col

5,90 €

White Queen Tea | Rainha Branca

China white tea Mao Feng with green tea China Sencha and Gunpowder, candied pineapple

5,45 €

Formosa Fine Oolong Tea | Formosa Fine Oolong

Semi-fermented tea, whole leaf, from Taiwan, specifically the island of Formosa. It h

5,45 €

Dark Tea China Pu Erh | Chá Vermelho China Pu Erh

Black tea, full leaf, with a special fermentation that lasts about 4 years, from the

4,45 €

Snowflakes Mao Feng Tea | Flocos de Neve Mao Feng

White tea, whole Orange Pekoe leaf, from China. A unique tea obtained from the younge

5,90 €