About us

A true Tea House that has been on the market since 2003, located in Funchal, Madeira. Here you can find a great diversity of teas and infusions, which stand out for their high quality and unique character. There are about 130 different teas and different infusions with unique and distinctive flavors and aromas. Blends and unique mixures that you can only find here.
Our teas are loose whole or leaf split from the major producing regions of the world.

It is possible to find in Tea House, Pastry, Scones and homemade jams made by us and also enjoy delicious suggestions of food, salads, toasts and sandwiches. All of our Brunch suggestions are highly appreciated by our customers, thus enjoying the best of our teas, pastries and foods.

Our infusions of fruits and herbs are totally natural with dehydrated fruits and herbs, free from artificial aromas.
We have teas and infusions from almost the entire globe:
- Portugal - Azores - the only region in Europe that produces green tea and one of the fews regions that produces black tea
- India - Darjeeling and Assam
- Sri Lanka | Ceylon
- Thailand | Formosa
- Japan
- China
- Africa - Kenya and Nigeria
- Brazil
- Argentina
- Europe

We are a team formed by 12 elements and we work every day with the greatest dedication, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We have care, training, passion and love for what we do and so we have existed and have been in the market for over 15 years.
We have two shops in Funchal, Rua do Sabão and La Vie shopping center and we supply most of the hotels on Madeira Island and also some in the Portuguese Continent. We have specific offers for the Horeca channel and also clear to our end consumers, clients of many years.
In our stores, we have a wide variety of choice in accessories related to this world of tea.
We are now closer to you, through our tea shop online, where you can purchase all the teas, infusions and some of the accessories that we have in our store.
With our online tea shop we want our products to be at your disposal in a practical way, and you can access them without leaving the comfort of your "home".