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Yellow tea, from the Hunan region of China. This tea received its name due to the color of its leaves, which have a yellowish and golden tone, and is considered a very old tea, as it was already produced before the Tang dynasty (618-907).

Yellow tea offers the best of 4 worlds: it has the sweetness of white tea, the vegetal flavour of green tea, the intense and variable aroma of Oolong, the soft sweetness and astringency of Chinese black tea.

The process of making yellow tea is very similar to green tea, the only difference is that it has an additional stage, non-enzymatic fermentation, where heat and humidity are produced. In other words, after harvesting, the tea leaves are exposed to the open air to dry for a few hours, then they are exposed to dry heat to destroy the enzymes.
After cooling, the leaves are wrapped in paper and stored in an environment with constant humidity for a few hours, where they undergo slight fermentation. Finally, the leaves go to drying.

This tea is known for its weight loss properties, accelerating metabolism, detox effect, strengthening the immune system, protecting stomach health, helping to treat respiratory problems and promoting a feeling of satiety. It has an intense and sweet flavour.

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Origin: China

Category: Tea

Subcategory: Yellow

Type: Pure

Ingredients: Yellow Tea

Flavour: Sweet 


Colour: Greenish-yellow



Grs per Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 70ºC

Infusion Time: 3 min



Helps with weight loss

Speeds up metabolism

Strengthens the immune system

Helps in the treatment of respiratory problems

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