Sweet Box

Wooden box with 5 tea bags + 2 sugar sticks

16,50 €

China Yellow Tea | Chá Amarelo China Yellow

Yellow tea, from the Hunan region of China. This tea received its name due to the col

5,90 €

Treat Box

Rectangular wooden box with a heart infuser + 50grs of loose tea

15,90 €

Blue Flowers Tea Set

Porcelain Tea Service Set, Teapot, 4 Cups and Board.

29,90 €

Choco Yummy

Green tea with peels of cocoa beans, cinnamon, pieces of almonds, anise star, hazelnu

4,50 €

Bio Japan Matcha Tea

Organic green tea, from Japan. It is a high quality powder, obtained from Tencha leav

32,90 €

White Flakes

Fruits blend with apple, candied pineapple and papaya, beetroot, cinnamon stick, rais

4,50 €

Doce Neve

Fruits blend with apple, pieces of pear, cinnamon and popcorn. A perfumed, sweet and

4,50 €
Sem stock

Azores Bio Gorreana Black Premium Selection Tea

Organic black tea, planted exclusively on the top of the mountain of the Gorreana pla

19,55 €

Apple Lemon Infusion | Maçã Limão

Fruits blend with candied papaya, mango, pieces of apple, hibiscus flowers, slices of

4,35 €

Sugar Sticks

Store in a cool and dry place, always well sealed so as not to lose aroma and qualiti

2,20 €

Lava 1419®

Red berries natural colour takes you to the volcanic origin and lava of the island. M

6,20 €

Bio Vervain Orange Infusion | Bio Verbena Laranja

Organic herbal blend, from Thailand, with vervain, lemongrass, apple, mulberry leaves

4,35 €

Bio Honeybush Original Infusion

Organic honeybush from South Africa. This infusion is slightly sweet and subtly scent

4,25 €

White Queen Tea | Rainha Branca

China white tea Mao Feng with green tea China Sencha and Gunpowder, candied pineapple

5,45 €

Almond Coconut Tea | Amêndoa Côco

Blend of green tea, Sencha leaf from China, with almond flakes and coconut shavings.

4,25 €