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Black tea, Orange Pekoe full leaf, from Darjeeling gardens in India's West Bengal district. A selection of very high quality pure black teas from the second harvest. It is a medium-strong tea, with an aromatic and floral note.

The climatic and geographic factors of Darjeeling's tea terroirs or tea gardens result in a small and unique production of teas, which is why they are considered the tea champagnes.

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Origin: India

Category: Tea

Subcategory: Black

Tipo: Puro

Ingredients: Black tea, Orange Pekoe leaf

Flavour: Medium-strong with a floral note

Caffeine: Yes

Colour: Light maroon



Grs per Cup: 3 grs

Water Temperature: 100ºC

Infusion Time: 3 min



Stimulares concentration

Invigorating effect

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