Bio Japan Matcha Tea

Organic green tea, from Japan. It is a high quality powder, obtained from Tencha leav

32,90 €

Azores Gorreana Hysson Tea

Green tea, with Hysson leaves, from São Miguel island, in the Azores, Gorreana tea ga

4,40 €

Bio China Jasmine Tea | Bio China Jasmim

Blend of green tea, from China, with Jasmine flowers. It is a light yellow tea, with

4,60 €

Bio China Sencha Decaffeinated Tea | Bio China Sencha Descafeinado

Organic green tea, Sencha leaf, gently decaffeinated, from China. The tea leaves of t

4,95 €

Bio Japan Gyokuro Tea

Organic green tea, Shincha leaf, from Japan. This tea grows in the mountainous area o

16,50 €

Bio Japan Sencha Tea | Bio Japan Sencha

Organic green tea, Sencha leaf, from Japan. It is a tea carefully selected and harves

5,75 €

Bio Wildflowers Tea | Bio Flores do Campo

Blend of organic green tea, Wu Lu leaf, from China, with green mate, ginger, chamomil

4,95 €